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Memory of a Broken Dimension - May

HEX has a passion for pixels. It's not that other mediums are subservient. HEX just feels there needs to be a dedicated space to view high quality digital work.
HEX is that space.

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Current Artist

Ezra Hanson-White

Memory of a Broken Dimension is a mystery. A heavily atmospheric first-person exploration / puzzle game that experiments with narrative and perception. It's a journey into the exploration of an obscure computer system emulator, RELICS, whose purpose is unknown. Players participate as explorers reconstructing th▓ fragmented virtual w▒rld, charting con░ections while unvǝiling its origin a▒d purpose. Is it h▓re¿

Ezra Hanson-White is an independent game designer based in Seattle. MOABD is currently a work in progress, for development updates follow @XRA


1906 Wyandotte,
Kansas City, MO 64108

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